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South Korea Cell Phone Rental
Good news for South Korea travelers: The airtime has been much lowered, and you can enjoy this excellent service at lower cost.
Vietnam Cell Phone Rental
From now on we can provide the calling list according the request, so you do not need to worry about the hidden cost. At the same time, the new Vietnam package service for groups and partners may help you save more.
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Vietnam Cell Phone Rental
  • If you are planning for a Vietnam trip, Pandasim offers you convenient and secure phone rentals. Pandasim's solution allows you to pay call costs as low as the local fees through your phone and SIM card linked to a prepaid account.Groups & Partners now can enjoy this Vietnam Package of getting a phone rented and 2 or 3 recharge cards at a quiet favorable price. Just call 1-866-528-4572 or mail for details
    Phone Model First Week Additional Day  

    Nokia 1110i
    $10 $1
    If you have a long-time travel in china and want to own a cell phone for yourself, we are proudly offering the cell phone sales section for your need and convenience.

  • Shipping Handling
      USA Vietnam
    Delivery $20 N/A
    Return N/A N/A
    Delivering to USA need over3 business days. If within 3 days, the delivery fee will cost extra $10.
    Drop off info:
    After you finish rental, please take it back to US and post it to our office as follow: 1108 Spring View Lane Plano, TX 75075. If the returning date has been changed, please call or mail us in time to adivse.
  • Standard Airtime Rates In Vietnam
    Incoming Calls and SMS FREE
    Domestic Calls $0.26/min
    International Calls to USA/Canada $0.80/min ( * dialing with access code)
    International Calls to other country $1.50/min ( * dialing with access code)
    Domestic SMS $0.26/pcs
    International SMS $0.40/pcs
    Direct calling to USA/Canada will be charged $1.5/min, Direct calling to other international countries will be charged $2.6/min.
    In Pandasim, we have Vietnam SIM card, which can offer your no hassle communication with low local rate in India. Still,¡¡if you need to have travels to several countries, the global SIM card is surely a must. More choices please come here .
  • Dialing Instruction    
  • Dial from Vietnam to US: 1719 - 001 - Area Code- Phone #
    Dial from Vietnam to International: 1719 - 00- Country Code- Area Code- Phone #
    Domestic calls in Vietnam: Area Code- Land Phone # / Direct Mobile Phone #
    Local Calls: Direct Phone #
    USA to Vietnam: 011- 84- Phone#
  • 1. Express Order
    Extra $10 will be applied to your final bill if order is taken 2 days before rental.
    2. Cancellation Policy
    $10 processing fee will be applied if you cancel your confirmed order.
    3. Return center
    Late return (more than 7 days) fee may be added to your final bill.
    4. Lost
    $89 for Nokia 1110i.
    $10 for SIM Card.
    $10 for Charger.
    $5 for Instruction Book.
    $10 for Red Pack.
    5. Damage (It depend on)
    All the above statements are subject to our terms & condition and policies.

  • Questions? Please Email: or CALL 1-866-528-4572 (FREE)