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Good news for South Korea travelers: The airtime has been much lowered, and you can enjoy this excellent service at lower cost.
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From now on we can provide the calling list according the request, so you do not need to worry about the hidden cost. At the same time, the new Vietnam package service for groups and partners may help you save more.
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US Prepaid SIM Card 
Prepaid US SIM Card:
A US Prepaid SIM Card, together with a tri-band unlocked GSM cell phone, will allow you not only to have a local cell phone number for United States but also to pay Local rates without a contract. For your trip to United States, make sure to purchase a prepaid SIM card.
  • US SIM Card Features:
  • A local cell number in US as you can choose area code
    Nationwide long distance (including calls to Alaska and Hawaii)
    National roaming in the USA network from $0.10/min-0.25/min
    Voicemail, call waiting, three-way calling.
    International dialing to over 100 countries
    Superior customer service in English 24 hours.
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  • US SIM Card Airtime Rate:
    Call Type Airtime Rate
    Incoming Calls US $0.10/min-$0.25/min
    Domestic call US $0.10/min - $0.25/min
    Text SMS (to US and Canada) US $0.10/piece
    International SMS US $0.20/piece (US $0.05/piece for receiving international SMS)
    ¡¤International Long Distance (rates are in addition to regular airtime charges)
        Latin America Long Distance per minute rates
        - $0.10: Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic
        - $0.15: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Paraguay
        - $0.20: El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela
        - $0.30: Honduras
    ¡¤Other international long distance per minute rates:
        - Canada: $0.15
        - Israel: $0.29
        - Western Europe: $0.39
        - Caribbean: $0.69
        - Eastern Europe: $0.79
        - Asia/Pacific: $0.89
        - Africa/Middle East: $0.99

  • To add airtime:
    1.For your convenience 24/7, you can add funds to your account by phone and over the Internet using a credit card, major debit card or electronic check. Simply call 800-901-9878 or go to
    2.You can purchase a pay as you go card or pin in person from a nearby REPLENISHMENT (97,000 locations nationwide) in the USA.
  • Important information:
  • Your Phone Number :
    You will have a US phone number. After activation, You will a US cell phone number according to your zip code.
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  • Activation:
  • 1. You can activate the SIM card online 24/7 at
    2. The fill the form on the website, such as wireless number, verification method and verification number.
    3. Then you will get a response mail, which tell you the number and you have successfully done.

    Cell Phone Compatibility:
    Unlocked means that your phone accepts any GSM SIM card from any other service providers like Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile etc.
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  • Dialing Instruction:
  • 1.From US to International: 011+Country Code+ Area Code +Phone number#
    2.From International to US: County Internal Area Code +1+ Area Code +Phone number#
    3.Local calls: Direct Phone#

    Your voice mail can be optionally activated. If you choose to active it, you can access your voice mail system from your handset or from a land line. From your handset, follow the prompts to listen to messages. You can also personalize your greeting by following the prompts in the voice mail options. Calls to your voice mail are billed as normal calls. You will receive a text message alerting you of any new voicemails.
    Important information: Airtime rates apply to voicemail retrieval, each call during a conference call, and call waiting. Caller ID not available on some calls.
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  • Service life:
    Airtime is good for 30 days depending on the amount of recharge added. Your account will be canceled if the balance on your account remains at $0 for more than 30 days. Simply reload airtime within 30 days of using all your minutes to keep your account active.Card Denomination Expiration Period $15 30 days $25 90 days $50 90 days $75 90 days $100 365 days
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  • Coverage:

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