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South Korea Cell Phone Rental
Good news for South Korea travelers: The airtime has been much lowered, and you can enjoy this excellent service at lower cost.
Vietnam Cell Phone Rental
From now on we can provide the calling list according the request, so you do not need to worry about the hidden cost. At the same time, the new Vietnam package service for groups and partners may help you save more.
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Travel Essential Info
  • Frequently asked questions about travel

    What is the best way to get really cheap air tickets?
    Book Early Each airline works on a yield management system which is used to calculate an airfare based on the season, local events, competition, time of the year and so on. Book Online Many airlines offer web-only special offers as an online booking attracts lower overall administration costs. Go Local For example, if you¡¯re planning to travel to Beijing, check out the travel agent in your local China town as they are likely to have a range of super flight deals to China.

    Travel Safety
    Do I really need a Travel Insurance?
    In short, yes. Most people purchase travel insurance to protect their possessions, however, the real value in travel insurance lies in its medical cover and legal cover, which will ensure that no matter what happens to you in the world, your medical and legal costs will be covered.

    Major Decisions: Planning
    I¡¯m going backpacking. What should I take?
    Generally speaking, as little as possible.: Passport, Insurance, Immunisation Booklet, Passport Photos, List of emergency contact number, Tickets and Itinerary , Photocopies of the above, Mixed form of currency covering debit/credit cards, local currency and travellers¡¯ cheques., Moneybelt , First Aid kit, Personal Medication.

    Travel Health
    How can I beat a jet lag?
    2. Avoid alcohol. 2. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.3. A good night¡¯s sleep and a short briskwalk prior to flying will certainly put your body in a better condition to fly.4. Stay active throughout the flight. Long periods of immobility will otherwise inevitably invoke tiredness.5. By planning your journey carefully it is possible to use the time zones to your advantage to work reduce the effects of jet lag.

    What makes a 5 star hotel worthy of 5 stars?
    There remains no international standard to define a five star hotel, though it is fair to say that it is possible to judge different starred hotels in relation to one another within the same country as at least they are subject to the same criteria.

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