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Good news for South Korea travelers: The airtime has been much lowered, and you can enjoy this excellent service at lower cost.
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From now on we can provide the calling list according the request, so you do not need to worry about the hidden cost. At the same time, the new Vietnam package service for groups and partners may help you save more.
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  • Asking your GSM wireless service provider (such as AT&T, T-mobile) to switch on the global roaming feature to your present phone and phone number is very convenient but costs expensively up to $1-$6/min. And more, this service covers limited areas.

    So, most people prefer to use a prepaid SIM card, which gives you a local number and local calling rates for calls within your destination country. The money you spend on a SIM card is anywhere from about $29-$69, and sometimes this includes some free call credits as well. Usually SIM cards have a service life for about 3-9 months respectively. If you recharge it within its validity, it can stay active for longer continued service. Therefore, if you are visiting a country regularly, you don't need to buy a new SIM for each visit.

    And more, while you have a trip to multiple countries, there are some international or global SIM cards for your travel needs. They enable you to roam with one phone number in different counties, to pay relatively low rates for all calls in all countries you visit. However, these ways all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    According to your travel plan, to buy prepaid SIM card, to recharge airtime and sometimes to rental/buy cell phone should be taken into account.

    This is why Pandasim is here. We are committed to our customers communication needs via offering Prepaid SIM cards service, Adding airtime service, Cell phone Sale service and Cell phone rental service. We help you arrange your telecom budget in the most reasonable way. We are professional travel communication solution provider! We have the head office in US and many offices or agencies in different countries! We are one of the top companies for your travel communication! So, just call us or mail us, you will have the excellent telecom services before or during your travel!!!
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  • Adding airtime service:
  • Additional airtime for prepaid SIM card upon your communication needs. If you want to add more airtime, please click here to buy a recharge voucher.

  • Cell phone rental service:
  • As we all know, most of the cell phone carriers operate on the network based on GSM (global service for mobile) technology, which requires a GSM cell phone and a SIM card. However, a small part of countries such as US, Canada, Japan and Korea...are the exceptions. There the cell phone carriers operate on CDMA network which is not compatible with the GSM technology. This is why a cell phone for London will also work in Paris, Shanghai and Sydney, but can not work in New York, Tokyo¡­.If you have a plan for traveling aboard, and you want to stay connected to your families, friends and business partners during your trip, it is no doubt that you need international cellular phone service. You have to own or buy or rent a SIM-unlocked GSM cell phone that work on frequencies between 900-1900 at least. These phones will work well with any prepaid SIM card in Asia (excluding Japan and South Korea), Europe, Africa, Oceania and South/Latin America.
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  • Cell Phone sale service:
  • If you would like to have multiple travels, it is economical alternative to buy a cell phone. Pandasim carries some of the most unique and innovative GSM cell phones. All our phones work domestically as well as internationally through major carriers.
    Please click here to know more details about the cell phone, and make you great bargain with us!!

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