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   India Prepaid SIM Card
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Prepaid India SIM Card:
An India prepaid SIM card, together with a tri-band unlocked GSM cell phone, will allow you not only to have a local cell phone number for your travel in India but also to pay Local rates without a contract.
  • INDIA SIM Card Features:
  • ¡¤US$ 5.00 starter airtime credit (valid for 60 days from the first time you use your phone)
    ¡¤A local cell phone number in India
    ¡¤FREE incoming calls in Kerala
    ¡¤Local calls within the same network US$ 0.017/min
    ¡¤SMS (text messages) within the same network $ 0.023/piece
    ¡¤No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check
    ¡¤To check your free balance, simply dial *123#
    ¡¤To know your SIM card validity, dial *124#*.
    ¡¤Perfect customer service in English in 24 hours.
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  • INDIA SIM Card Airtime Rate:
  • Call Type Airtime Rate
    Within Kerala:  
     Incoming (only in Kerala) All Free
    Incoming (Other than Kerala) $0.055/min
    Domestic outgoing call $ 0.055 USD /min
    SMS $ 0.046 USD / message
     International :  
    Calls Normal Charges+$ 0.166 USD /min
    SMS Normal Charges+$ 0.069 USD / messag
    National Roaming :  
    Roaming in South India Normal Charges+ $ 0.044/min
    Roaming in North India Normal Charges + $0.088/min
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  • Adding Talk Time in your SIM:
  • Sale: US $35
  • Refill Card Vaule Quantity Order
    $35.00 ----
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  • To add airtime :
  • Additional credit is available through the purchase of airtime vouchers available throughout India at most convenience stores, petrol stations, and Mobile authorized dealers. You can also add airtime from Pandasim by calling and telling us your cell number and how much you want to recharge.
    Recharge Instructions:
    1. Tear off the recharge card. There will be a 16-digit number there.
    2. Dial 123.
    3. Follow the IVR instruction.
    4. Enter your 16-digit card recharge code.

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  • Important information:
  • Your Phone Number :
    You will have an India phone number before you depart. Pandasim will email you your phone number the day that we receive your order or the next business day. Your phone number will also be clearly marked on your Pandasim packaging.

    Once in India,
    Insert the SIM card into your cell phone and enter the PIN number which is given with the card. After doing so, call 121 and select your desired language.
    Customer service for your India prepaid SIM card is available 24 hr. /day by dialing 121 then press 9 at any time from your India cellular phone.

  • Voicemail:
    Voice message system is activated for all existing and new users. To send a voice message, first dial the destination number followed by*£¬e.g.: *98951111111. After the bubble sound speak your message and then press * to record and send it. The recipient will get an SMS alert to retrieve the Voice SMS.
    To retrieve a New Voice SMS just dial *0*.
    To listen to an Old Voice SMS (Voice SMS that you have already heard.) You need to Dial *1*.
    You can also reply to the Voice SMS after retrieval of the same by just pressing * and then recording your message.
    Voice SMS Duration: 30 seconds / message.
    Voice SMS Life: 7 days.
    Sending a Voice SMS: $ 0.017/message.
    1st Time retrieval on *0*: Free.
    2nd Time retrieval on *1*: $ 0.017/min.
    Reply to Voice SMS: $ 0.017 /message.

    Dialing Instructions:
    Dial from India to US: 001- Area code ¨CPhone #
    Dial from India to International :00- Country Code ¨C Area Code ¨C Phone #
    Domestic Calls In India : Area Code ¨C Land Phone #/ Direct Mobile Phone #
    Local calls: Direct Phone#
    USA to India : 011-91-Phone #

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  • Service life:
  • Each time you add credit to the SIM, the validation is extended according to the validity period of each recharge card. If this credit expires, you then have 60 days to recharge the credit on your SIM card. After this time period, the SIM card will expire.
  • Coverage Area:  ( India sim card covers almost everywhere in India territory )
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