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South Korea Cell Phone Rental
Good news for South Korea travelers: The airtime has been much lowered, and you can enjoy this excellent service at lower cost.
Vietnam Cell Phone Rental
From now on we can provide the calling list according the request, so you do not need to worry about the hidden cost. At the same time, the new Vietnam package service for groups and partners may help you save more.
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Cell Phone Rental
  • Simple Rental Guide    
  • Renting an unlocked cell phone is your best option for short or infrequent travel abroad. It is also the best option when your destinations include either Japan or South Korea in addition to other Asian nations, because the cellular technologies used in South Korea and Japan differ from technologies in the rest of Asia.
    If you travel infrequently to a region where the cellular network is not compatible with your own cell phone, the best solution is to rent an unlocked GSM cell phone.
    What countries use cellular networks that are incompatible with my phone?
    Your US or Canada cell phone is based on AMPS technology and will not work under the GSM system used in the rest of the world. Moreover, Japan and South Korea use highly specialized CDMA technology and it is very hard and expensive to get a Japanese or Korean cell phone without a local citizenship.
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  • Benefits of Pandasim's cell phone rentals
    If you are only planning a single, short trip abroad, or travel abroad very infrequently, then it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money to buy an unlocked cell phone. Renting one is a lot cheaper ¨C that's the benefit. It brings:
    1. Low rental charge.
    2. No Minimum rental period impose on you ¡ª rent for a day, a week or a month.
    3. NO Minimum daily call usage.
    4. Cheap delivery charges ¡ª we offer delivery on your requirement.
    5. No large credit card authorizations or deposits required.
    6. You will enjoy high voice quality.
    Likewise if you are traveling through countries that use different cellular network technologies (China to U.S, for example), then renting is usually the most cost-effective choice. Therefore, in that situation, we recommend you to have your own cell phone. Pandasim's cell phone sale section can solve your communication problem. With one of these phones and an international SIM card you can keep the same phone number wherever you go. If you want to have the other kind of prepaid SIM card, please visit our Products & service section.

    For further info, PLS Email: or CALL 1-866-528-4572 (FREE).