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South Korea Overview

If you are planning for a vacation in South Korea, then it's worthwhile to chalk out your South Korea travel guide well in advance so that you are in for silken-smooth South Korea holidays. Your South Korea travel guide will ensure that you reap the most out of sightseeing in South Korea. The South Korea travel guide will also furnish you with handy South Korea tourism information like the South Korea provinces, South Korea currency, South Korea climate and all about South Korea communications.

 A Comprehensive South Korea Overview

 South Korea Overview

South Korea lies in the eastern part of Asia, more precisely on the southern fringe of the Korean Peninsula and covers an area of about 98,480 square kilometers. It is bordered by the Sea of Japan in the east, the Yellow Sea on the west and the South China Sea in the south. It is basically a mountainous country and this feature of South Korea geography contributes to its pleasant temperate climate.


According to the South Korea travel guide, South Korea population hovers somewhere around 49 million, with the lion's share of the populace concentrated in the north-western part of the country. Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Gwangju and Ulsan are some of the most populous cities of South Korea.

 South Korea Overview

Won is the official currency of South Korea and one US Dollar will fetch you about 934 South Korea Won. An interesting feature to note in the South Korea travel guide is the facts and figures regarding South Korea economy and politics. South Korea has stabilized into a multi-party democratic system after a turbulent political past and the stability in the politics has seen the country making rapid strides in the economic sphere. South Korea is now the 11th largest economy in the world.


A handy tour guide to South Korea will provide you with extensive information regarding the South Korea popular destinations. Destinations that not only familiarize you with the history of South Korea and the culture of South Korea but are also places of breathtaking natural vistas. Your South Korea travel guide will also give you a hang of the vibrant scene of arts and crafts in South Korea.

 South Korea Overview

A South Korea travel guide is your lodestar when you embark on your South Korea tours, ensuring that no facet of this wondrous country remains unknown to you.


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