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Morocco Population—The Rich Cultural Heritage

People of a nation are always considered as the pulse of nation. Morocco is known for its rich cultural heritage. Timeless and great heritage of Moroccan people are one their major highlights. Although, they have started embracing modernity, still their ancient heritage reign supreme. Major cause for the great cultural heritage of Morocco is its diverse culture. In earlier times, Libyans and Ethiopians were the main inhabitants of Morocco. They were known as Barbaroi or Berbers. This Morocco population usually lived in tribal groups. Later, several other national groups, such as Arabs, Phoenicians, Byzantines, Romans, Spaniards, Portuguese, Turks, Europeans and the French came to Morocco.

Morocco Population—The Rich Cultural Heritage

Asiarooms offer online information about Morocco Population. In the year 1956, Morocco became independent. Majority of the Morocco population now practices Islam. Remaining population are the followers of Christianity and Judaism.

Morocco is considered to be the fourth most populated Arabian country. Moroccans are usually Sunni Muslims belonging from Arab, Berber or Arab-Berber. Approximately three quarters of Moroccan people belongs from Berber origin. Only a little amount of Moroccan population is considered purely from Arab origin. True Berbers also exist in small groups and they stay in Ril Mountains, Atlas Mountains and Sous Valley. These Moroccan people usually speak ancient Berber languages. Small number of Jews and black African Moroccans are also a part of Morocco population. 

Morocco Population—The Rich Cultural Heritage

Population of Morocco is approximately 30 millions and their living style is quite different. Most of the Moroccans usually survive on Souks or markets. Souks are closed on Fridays. Usually, people of Morocco are friendly and hospitable and are known for their love and warmth.

Morocco population density is approximately 72 people/sq km. According to Morocco population percentage, 99.1% are Arab Berber, 0.2% are Jewish and 0.7% are others. 98.7% of Morocco population are Muslim, 1.1% are Christian and 0.2% are Jewish.

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