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Fashion in Morocco

Fashion in Morocco is considered a reflection of a person’s social standings. The Moroccans believe that the personal style and the clothes they wear give an insight into their life. Thus Moroccans make it a point to always dress well, as much as their financial status permits.

Fashion in Morocco

Morocco’s traditional outfit is called djellaba. It is a loose, full-sleeved, flowing gown, with a head cover. During special events men generally wear a cap, which is known as a tarbouche and their footwear consists of flat leather slippers called baboosh and are generally yellow in color. The women’s djellaba can be differentiated by its use of bright colors and its ornamentation consisting of beads and embroidery. These kaftans are quite expensive but the fashion conscious Moroccans especially the women are very fond of their traditional outfit and purchase at least one each year. Even with the western influence over Moroccan fashion, djellabas are still popular, and there is an unspoken law to wear it for all social and religious occasions, all festivals and especially during marriage ceremonies.

 Fashion in Morocco

Fashion is Morocco is greatly affected by the culture of Morocco. They have certain stereotypes, for example men are Moroccans believe that men should have short hair, should not wear ornaments, and should grow beard and moustaches. However nowadays‘Boucles’, or ‘goatees’, are more popular among the younger generation. In case of women skin show is an absolute no-no.

Fashion in Morocco

Women who wear revealing clothes are considered loose-moraled or vulgar. Moroccans have somewhat similar prejudices attached to women wearing make up. However in spite of all this modern Moroccan fashion is adapting more and more to the western fashion and breaking free from the prejudices.

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