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Chefchaouen City Morocco

 Located in the desolate mountainside of Rif, Chefchaouen City, Morocco shimmers in the bright sunlight and glistens under the silvery rays of the moon and makes you feel that is all a wispy, willowy dream. It is actually not. The little mountain village of Chefchaouen City is very much real and is regarded as one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in Morocco.

 Chefchaouen City Morocco

About Chefchaouen City, Morocco

Chefchaouen City in Morocco is a tourist paradise in every sense of the term. Founded way back in the 15th century, Chefchaouen City was then predominantly inhabited by the Jews and the Muslims of a Spanish descent. It was in isolation until the 20th century after which Europeans started trickling in gradually. Such a lineage has meant that Chefchaouen City in Morocco retains a unique medieval Moorish character.

 Chefchaouen City Morocco

Chefchaouen City, Morocco is an excellent base for taking off for hikes and treks in the mountains flanking the place. Being a cheap place to out up in, it is also quite popular with the backpackers, looking to explore the treasure troves of Morocco hidden away in her dramatic natural vistas. Chefchaouen City is also a haven for the shopaholics, offering indigenous handicrafts like woven blankets and woolen garments that cannot be found anywhere else in Morocco. It is no wonder, Chefchaouen City is one of the most popular of the Morocco tourist attractions.

 Chefchaouen City also abounds in several Morocco popular destinations, the more prominent amongst them being the museum in the Kasbah that houses snippets from Chefchaouen City’s glorious and colorful past, the old quarters of the city called the Place Uta el Hammam, the Place Mohammed V Park and the Hassan II Avenue.

 Chefchaouen City Morocco

Chefchaouen City, Morocco is charm, elegance and beauty at its sheer best and is truly “a sight to dream of not to tell..”.

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