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Arts and Crafts in Morocco

Morocco a country rich in culture and tradition is unique in every way. The arts and crafts in Morocco probably reflect the richness of the country in the best possible way.

It captures the real essence of Morocco, the culture of Morocco, its diversity and the thrill.

Arts and Crafts in Morocco

The arts and crafts of Morocco are known for the use bright colors and bold patterns. Even in the modern times they have maintained their standard and never comprise on quality. The artisans and craftsmen are highly honored all over the world. One of their most admired expressions of art is their bright woven carpets. Most of the geometric shapes and vibrant colors that are seen in the carpets are done by hand and are very detailed in their embroidery.

 Wooden furniture is also their specialty, all carefully carved and decorated with interesting designs. Morocco is exclusive in jewelry making as well, having their own exclusive styles. Arts and crafts in Morocco also include ceramics, sculpture, painting and calligraphy. The ceramics generally made of mosaic are very elaborately decorated and some of surely make a stunning sight.

 Arts and Crafts in Morocco

Most of these Moroccan arts and crafts can be found in the local markets and make wonderful gift items. Some of the historical art works are displayed in the various art galleries and museums of Morocco like:


  -  The Qoubba Art gallery

  -  The Marrakesh Art Gallery

  -  Galerie Delacroix inTangier

  -  Atelier Hassan el Kass in Essaouira


You can get a glimpse of the arts and crafts in Morocco in your travels around the country. It exists in the very essence of Morocco capturing the spirit of the country, its diversity and enthusiasm.

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