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An Egyptian Town--Abu Mena

Abu Mena an Egyptian town, a old monastery complex and center of Christian Pilgrimage in Ancient Egypt is situated about 45 km southwest of Alexandria one of the popular destination of Egypt.

Abu Mena an Egyptian town

Abu Mena is one of the oldest Christian sites of Egypt. Most of the public buildings, monasteries, houses, church, baptistery and workshops in Abu Mena were built over the tomb of the martyr Menas of Alexandria. This site of Egypt was placed in the heritage list of UNESCO and is closely located to the site of new Monastery of St. Mina


City of Abu Mena or the city of St Mena was the greatest Christian Pilgrimage place in the east during the beginning of the medieval period and was also the largest Coptic town of Egypt. This extensive site of Abu Mena also known as "the Vineyard of St Menas" raised many interests. Most of the objects found during the excavation of the Abu Mena are displayed in the Coptic Museum located at Cairo.

 Abu Mena an Egyptian town

The site of Abu Mena was first excavated from 1905 to 1907. In this excavation a large basilica church, an adjacent church that had been considered as the church that probably housed the remains of saint Mena's remains and Roman baths. However the recent excavations discovered a large dormitory probably made for the poor people in Abu Mena.


Among the other historical remains of Abu Mena the most notable was the Thermal Basilica. Built in 5th century, Thermal Basilica was used to store the curative water. During 5th and 6th century many buildings were built around Thermal Basilica. Among the notable one was a 48, 000 square yard monastery that was constructed to the north side of Basilica.

 Abu Mena an Egyptian town

Built in 5th century in the center of glamorous complex just south of Alexandria in Karm Abu Mena was Basilica of Arcadius. Supported by 56 fascinating marble columns, this baptistery is situated in the western end of the Basilica with corners rounded in semicircular marble niches.

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